About Jessica

Welcome. I’m Jessica and I’m a blogging mommy! 

It’s true what they say, that your world forever changes once you become a parent. For me the world changed 7.1.2016. That’s when Maximus blessed us with his arrival.

My world used to consist of shopping sprees, lunch dates, checking our trendy new restaurants, coffee and tea dates with the girlfriends with a spice of spontaneous travel and such.

The new world is a bit different. Gone are the sleep filled nights, and the new comers are breastfeeding, take out food, dirty diapers, crying, and writing A LOT of stuff down.

Yet something amazing happened throughout all of this. I have learned to appreciate life much more, to cherish the little things, through our boy Max. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This new journey has truly been one of the most challenging things myself or my husband have taken on; even tougher than the final exams during senior year. Tougher than the double shifts I used to put in at the dry cleaners and the restaurant, but at the same time much more fulfilling and rewarding. We’re truly blessed to have Max, and we know you feel the same about your children.

Why start the blog?

Let’s start off by saying and getting this off my chest: I don’t have all the answers. The blog is more for me/us to share out experiences and thoughts on the whole parenting thing. The joys, the fears, the thoughts, the trials, and the beautiful moments that come along with it all. I want to share, but also to learn from you all as well.

So join me on this wild ride, as I learn how best to raise my beautiful Max. The food, the fitness, the gear, the toys, the clothes and everything else that comes with this journey.

My goal is to segment this blog into categories the best I know how, to help you the visitor and also to help me stay organized throughout it all. I am sure there will be some things I leave out.

Please feel free to contact me, if you’d like for me to touch upon something you want to know more about from my end.

It’s your baby, wear it!