6 Summer Safety Tips for Toddler Parents


Toddler Safety During Summer

Summer is a time when children spend hours outdoors playing or going to camps to learn new activities. However, a number of dangers can also lurk during this season. Learning how to keep your toddlers safe when the weather is warm is imperative when you want to have a happy season for your family.

Watch by the Water

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasizes the need to maintain safety near the water. Drowning is a major problem, and the summer tends to see heightened occurrences due to children’s more frequent proximity to pools, oceans and other bodies of water. If you have a pool at home, installing a fence with a lock and security system around it is necessary. You should never leave your toddlers in the water by themselves. Furthermore, you should look into swimming lessons. These lessons can teach your children what to do in the event of an emergency in the water.


Toddlers may love all of the extra time that they have to run around in the yard and at the playground. Even when the temperatures are more mild, they could experience dehydration, and when the temperatures are at their highest, you should consider limiting the amount of time that they spend outdoors. Making sure that your kids drink plenty of water is a necessity, and you should ensure that they have enough time in the cool air inside during the day. On top of that, you should learn what the early signs of dehydration are so that you can seek medical attention immediately in the event that an issue arises.


You might think that getting a little bit of color looks good, but you are actually exposing your skin and the skin of your toddlers to great damage by doing so. Healthy Children provides some tips for protecting your kids in the sun. Choosing a sunscreen with a high enough SPF is imperative. Consider speaking with your doctor to learn what is right for your toddlers’ specific skin types. Also, you should look into hats and sunglasses that guard against the damaging rays of the sun. In the event that your kids do get burned, consultations with doctors are wise. You want to take the necessary steps to eliminate the damage done to the skin. On top of that, you want to learn what signs to look for. By doing so, you can know if problems come into fruition in the future.

Choking Hazards

As your kids are exploring new outdoor environments, they may come across toys in the sand that they haven’t seen before. Toddlers may also feel tempted to put pool toys into their mouths. Watching your kids when they play and selecting toys that are appropriate for their age can help to reduce these potential issues. Furthermore, your kids might be trying new fresh fruits in the summer, such was watermelon and grapes, and you need to ensure that these choking hazards are cut into tiny pieces before consumption.

Streets and Strangers

Your children are likely playing outside more in the summer months. If your little ones are in their first years of being toddlers, they may be experiencing a whole new world. Emphasizing the danger of going into the street is important for your toddler. If you have kids who love to run and who are much faster than you, consider taking them to play in enclosed areas, such as the backyard or a park, as opposed to the front yard.

You should also start to talk to your kids about strangers and how they are not to speak with people whom they don’t know. It can only take a couple of seconds for a situation to occur. You may turn your eyes to watch your baby and turn back to see that your toddler has disappeared.

Reactions to Outdoor Elements

While you may have tested many possible indoor allergens, you might not yet know what your kids are allergic to when it comes to the outside world. Going to an allergist is one way to gain some advanced knowledge on this situation. Parents, for example, notes the problems with bee stings. Bee stings can prove fatal to someone who is allergic, so you want to make sure you are taking steps to keep the bees away from your kids. You may also notice that your toddlers are struggling with allergies or asthma when they are outside, and these issues could be signs that you need to search for some more indoor activities that kids can do in the summer months.

The summer is a beautiful season, and it generally gives families more time to spend with one another. However, you want to take precautions to ensure that this season remains a time of safety and joy.

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