5 Ways to Maintain Baby’s Sleep

5 Ways to Maintain Baby's Sleep

Maintaining A Baby’s Sleep

Parenting is a journey that is full of so many surprises, and when a baby is happy and well rested, it gives the parent peace as well. For many parents, getting the baby to sleep is one of the not so easy things they have to grapple with. For many parents actually, it is easier said than done. However, all is not lost, and in this article, we are going to have a look at the best ways that any parent can use to ensure that when the baby gets to bed, they sleep easily and comfortably for longer periods of time.

1. Prepare a warm, soothing bath

When a baby is given a warm bath, it serves as a lovely way to end their busy day and start transition from eating dinner to going to bed. In the bathing process, when the baby gets irritated when the hair is being washed and rinsed, that can be saved for the daytime bath. The bath is not supposed to be long although it is supposed to include the baby’s favorite bath products as well as soft towels for their sensitive skin.

2. Make sure that the room is toned down

By dimming the lights and turning off the TV and any other bright screens, the baby can easily start preparing for bed. While at this, it is also important to go a further step to bring the energy down by playing soft music that will go a long way in helping them relax and feel warm.

3. Make bedtime the most opportune story time

Reading and narrating to the baby is one of the most memorable things a parent can ever do. When reading to them before they go to bed, you introduce to them rhythm and words and while at it, create quality time for them to cuddle before they sleep. When it comes to the books, they should have a focus related to going to bed for example classics like Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon. Having a set chair for reading in the nursery plays a long way in reading because you just need to put the baby back to the crib once the reading is over.

4. Keep the baby dry all night

According to Huggies, when the baby is kept dry all night, it helps prevent nighttime waking and in the process, help the baby sleep much longer. To make sure that the baby is comfortable all night, it is important to swipe the regular daytime diaper with one that is made specifically for the night. The specific nighttime diapers prevent any forms of leaks and play an imperative role in letting the skin breathe.

5. Be consistent in the specific routine chosen

Once a bedtime routine has been established, it is important that it is made consistent. It is also imperative to make sure that the routine is not dragged too long because so that it does not become boring. For this to be successful, the parent should make sure that they work backward from the baby’s ideal bedtime and create a routine that lasts between thirty and forty-five minutes.

The baby will automatically start to recognize the cues and start looking forward to winding down the day and prepping to sleep. If the parent is not around, they should make sure that they pack all necessary key elements that are involved in the routine so that still, the baby can have a good night’s sleep.

According to an article on a parenting website, it is important that every parent understands how their baby sleeps. It is actually not right to keep the baby awake for long hours in the hope that when they get tired, they will sleep for long hours. If anything, the over simulation will make them experience a lot difficulty falling asleep and also staying asleep. In the most likely case scenario, a baby that is over-tired will tend to sleep shorter and not longer.

The parent should also avoid rushing the baby to sleep because doing so might encourage the start of a bad sleeping session. For the baby to sleep better, it is imperative to let them have time so that they can settle themselves to sleep. By so doing, the sleeping process will be a peaceful and enjoyable process for them.

While traveling, a parent can make sure that the baby is well rested by following the below-mentioned tips.

  • First of all, it is important to use a similar routine to that used in the home. All the favorite toys should be brought and books and especially those that the baby associates with going to bed.
  • If it is possible, it is important to include very many outdoor activities during the day so that in the evening, it is much possible for the baby to get some sleep.
  • The baby should also have a very good travel crib that offers a comfortable mattress as well as good support.
  • The baby should also be in an environment that has some sort of soothing background noise for the specific room the baby is sleeping in. The parent can invest in night time CD’s as well as sleep sound apps for their mobile devices.

According to Parenting.com, the parent should also make sure that they plan their daily activities around the baby’s napping schedule and if possible, it is important for them to let the baby sleep at least once or twice during the day.

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