5 Tips for Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem


Promoting Self Esteem

Promoting the growth of self-esteem in your children is incredibly important. While you don’t want them to come across as excessively prideful, helping them to have confidence can lead to their success in life. They can have the confidence to pursue and complete their goals. Therefore, you want to learn how to build their self-esteem.

Pay Attention to Them

Paying attention to what your children have to say doesn’t mean you need to acquiesce with everything they say. However, it does mean you are showing respect for their perspectives. Listening to your kids can help them to feel more accepted in the family. For example, you and your children may disagree on a particular issue. Let them speak their minds and express what their frustrations and concerns are. Take turns in talking through the situation.

On the other hand, your kids may agree with you, but they may have different reasons for doing so. When they shed new light on a situation, applaud them for thinking critically and for contributing that perspective to the family discussion.

Present Options

While you might want to make all of the decisions for your kids, doing so takes away from their confidence-building skills. They may feel as they lack any importance when it comes to making decisions. Furthermore, they will not develop the necessary skills to make choices and to feel confident in those choices as they grow. Encouraging the development of decision-making skills can start in a simple manner.

For example, you can ask them if they would prefer to wear a blue or a green shirt to school. Then, you can move into more complicated decisions. They may have to choose which sport they want to play this season, or they might have to decide which summer camp program they would like to enroll in. Increasing the depth of the decision helps to build your children’s confidence.

Lead by Example

You may have started to realize that you act in many of the same ways that your parents did, whether that is for the good or for the bad. Therefore, you can have a reasonable expectation that your kids will mirror your behavior to some degree. As a result of this recognition, you need to practice building your own self-esteem too. You might stand in front of the mirror every day and complain about your weight or how your hair looks. By doing so, you are telling children that it is okay to constantly doubt their looks. You may express frustrations about earning lower grades than expected on assignments for your return to college.

In these frustrations, you may blame the teacher or call yourself names. Engaging in this type of expression tells kids that they don’t have the power to change negative situations. When you encounter a situation that could detract from your self-esteem, use it as an opportunity to show kids how to meet challenges.

Express Praise Appropriately

If you tell your children that they are the best at everything, then you are likely raising children who are going to be too proud and to full of themselves. Building self-esteem is about finding a balance. You don’t want your kids to think that no challenges exist in life for them. Instead, you want them to develop the confidence and courage to overcome these challenges when they arise.
As a result of this need, you should express praise appropriately. When your children do well, let them know. For example, you might take them out for pizza after they score the winning goal at the game or win the school math bee. On the other hand, you don’t need to celebrate every single time their team wins or they earn a high grade on an assignment. When your kids express a desire to improve, or when you feel as though they need to improve, come together to develop a reasonable plan for doing so.

Choose Healthy Activities

Encouraging your kids to take pride in their health can build their self-esteem. They may grow up more pleased with the way that they look and feel. Also, promoting healthy activities is a way to encourage their emotional and mental growth. Healthy activities is wide in meaning. Some children are drawn to sports and athletic activities, but others are more interested in art or music clubs and programs. Enrolling them in these activities also allows your kids to build skills, another area that they can have pride in. Furthermore, they have the chance to build social relationships with their peers, and these peers can inspire confidence and self-esteem too.

Helping your children to build self-esteem is an important job of a parent. Your children are going to experience many opportunities and struggles in life. When they have strong self-esteem, they can better take advantage of the good and handle the bad.

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